Guiyang mountain environmental development company was founded in 1993, is a certain strength and well-known enterprises in Guizhou environmental protection industry, mainly engaged in water treatment technology research and design, manufacture and installation of product development, environmental science and technology enterprises water treatment engineering construction operations. Company has strong technical strength, construction equipment, has a group of business basic bar, experienced high and mid-level engineering and technical personnel. Ten years of development and revitalization of their dedication to environmental protection technology, to the spirit of independent innovation as the driving force, the successful development of more than ten new water treatment technology and products, including "YTS integrated water purifier", "direct heating type chlorine dioxide generator", "no crankshaft mechanism metering dosing pump", "hospital automatic water equivalent siphon type sterilizing device" and a number of technological achievements by the national patent. Since the founding of the company (so far), bear more than 200 series of water treatment equipment manufacture and installation and engineering design, construction, commissioning, training and other full-service, built and put into use, receives the user high praise.

Mountain environmental company will as in the past, in good faith and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, quality services to the business purpose to serve the community, willing to work with new and old customers and all colleagues sincere cooperation, joint efforts to create a resource saving, environment friendly society.

Scope of business.

1 new water treatment technology research and development

2 sewage treatment, water purification engineering design, equipment manufacturing and installation, construction, operation and other full-service

The 3 water treatment equipment series products, the main varieties:

The YTSF, YTSY series of integrated water purifier (Patent No.: ZL012256735.3)

The GY series steel inclined tube sedimentation tank

The WJ series steel valveless filter

The FL series of upflow filter

In the treatment of industrial wastewater with high turbidity of complete sets of equipment

The hospital sewage treatment plant

The sewage treatment plant

⑻ slaughter, pharmaceutical, food and other sewage treatment plant

⑼ coagulant, disinfectant adding series products

Chemical method chlorine dioxide generator set

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